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TUCOWS Theme of the Day, 17 August 1999

TUCOWS Theme of the Day
on http://www.themeoftheday.com/
17 August 1999

TUCOWS Theme of the Day, 27 December 1999

TUCOWS Theme of the Day
on http://www.themeoftheday.com/
27 December 1999

I was looking around Bungie Software's Oni page the other day, and I noticed that they had some desktop wallpaper, and some desktop icons, but not an actual desktop theme.

So, I downloaded the wallpapers and the icons, and put them together in a desktop theme, and I sent an email to Bungie asking if it was OK to post it on my web site (provided I included all the relevant copyright and legal stuff - see below), and they emailed me back saying it would be fine.

Here it is: Oni Desktop Theme v1.2 (1.66Mb)

And here's the README.TXT:

Oni Theme v1.2

To install, just extract the .zip file into your Plus! themes directory
(normally C:\Program Files\Plus!\Themes).

The .zip file contains long file names and directories, so make sure
to use a program such as WinZip to extract them, and also make sure
to have the "Use folder names" option turned on in WinZip's Extract

Once installed, you will have a selection of 6 Oni themes available
in your Desktop Themes selection. These correspond to the 6 different
Oni desktop backgrounds from Bungie's Oni web site (http://oni.bungie.com/)

At present, the theme does not include Oni-related sounds or a screensaver,
this will hopefully change in a future version.

This theme was put together by Dan Jackson (dan@jacko.demon.co.uk)
The latest version of this theme can be found on my web page:

Legal Stuff
Oni, Bungie, and their respective logos, are trademarks of Bungie Software
Products Corporation.
WinZip is a trademark of Nico Mak Computing, Inc.
The images used in this Desktop Theme are (c) 1999-2000 Bungie Software
Products Corporation and are used with permission from them.

Bungie Software Products Corporation is located at http://www.bungie.com/.
Nico Mak Computing, Inc. is located at http://www.winzip.com/.

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